About SMV Travel

Simply Mellow Vybes Travel was created to be a one stop spot for your travel needs! I believe that exploring our universe is an essential part of growth, so it shouldn't be a pain to arrange, right? We are all searching for a chill life filled with inner peace and mellow vybes (vibes), and travel is a huge part of that for me. Known to be a travel lover, a good deal finder, and a budgeting champion, I am often asked to help plan trips. As a self-proclaimed (and by others too!) master researcher, by now I know which sites to go to, and I did that little hop around dance to get everything I need. It was a bit of a hassle to be honest. I wanted to make a site where everything was in one place, so I partnered with my favorite sites with the best values to make that happen. I also wanted to cater to those folks, who like me, want to feel like a local when they travel, so when you click on Stay, you'll find home rentals! If you prefer hotels, they can be accessed when you click on Flights; just look for the Hotels tab. 


SMV Travel is also a community for travelers to give and get advice, and share their experiences through their travel stories. Sign up to become a member, and visit the Community section for more! On the Activities page, book any and all excursions to make your travel experiences even richer, and at a discount too! In essence, you can do everything you need in order to book your adventures!

Let this be your breakthrough! Plan your experiences, discover your mellow, travel simply!