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About Tiffany J. Pye


One woman: Tiffany J. Pye, Self Development Expert

One mission: To help people live their lives authentically & free,

All while sharing her own gifts & passions.

Tiffany is a lover of red wine, dark chocolate, natural products, wellness, travel, her two turtles, and vegetarian & vegan foods.

Born and raised in Worcester, MA, Tiffany grew up an introverted creative, intuitive, and dreamer. Always into the metaphysical and known for her mellow nature and old soul, Tiffany began meditating at age 12 every day after school, and studied aura reading and self-hypnosis. She pushed past social anxiety and shyness in order to perform any chance she could get in school as a violinist, singer, dancer, drummer, and model for various programs. Tiffany graduated from Dickinson College in 2008 with a BA in American Studies and a concentration in Media, which gave her a great background in socioeconomics, race, gender, and sexuality in the Americas, and how those identities are portrayed through media. These studies increased her passion for human rights and service. However, her collegiate highlight was continuing to perform all four years, and grow artistically.

Since then, Tiffany has pursued entrepreneurial endeavors and has grown into someone who now strives to do only what feels good to her soul. 


Tiffany began a blog in 2012 called AllOverArtist, featuring her thoughts, artistry, and dating escapades, after being nudged by a friend to share her perceived "interesting" life. She then went on to start the sites Mellow Vybes (versions 1 was a blog of mantras, travel stories, and offered handmade jewelry and skincare!), Simply Mellow Vybes Travel, Tiffany J. Music, and the now retired 1:1 coaching program Journey To Self Love.

As a way to further help people move past mental blocks and grow into awareness, self-love, and freedom, Tiffany has completed hands-on training and course certifications in the following:


Practitioner of Mindfulness

Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Practitioner of Life Coaching

Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

Tiffany has published articles on Medium and in the Holistic Fashionista magazine and blog. She also has a chapter published in the Holistic Fashionista collaborative book series High Priestess. She also leads classes through Bloom Healing Arts Academy on various healing practices, , and has narrated and produced a hypnosis audio book.


As an accomplished singer and poet, Tiffany self-published two poetry collections entitled Love Cycles in 2013, and Spirit Excavation in 2021. She has also released two EPs,  Shift and EXTERNAL in 2018 and 2020, respectively, as well as begun her own publishing house Plane Jayne Publishing under ASCAP.

It was once said to her that it seems like she's lived several lives for only one young person, but Tiffany does not intend to die without doing everything she's always wanted.


Why Mellow Vybes?


The name was chosen because Tiffany believes we are all searching for a calm, chilled out life and inner peace. That is what she strives to bring to people she encounters with her naturally mellow personality, and as well to all who encounter this space on the internet highway. 

As this space was born out of self-actualization, it is a combo of the many things that drive and spark Tiffany's creative expression, self discovery, freedom and her desire to heal and inspire.

Because after all,  as a soulpreneur, there should be no separation between what you do, what you love, and who you are. 


Mellow Vybes is always open to collaborating with brands if it is in line with the Mellow Vybes mission and lifestyle. Please reach out at:

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