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EEG studies (electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain) have shown that the below oils have been effective in reducing stress, acting as a sedative, promoting restful sleep, and so much more!


They have a great effect on the alpha and theta brainwaves. (Read more about the brain waves in the Mellow Vybes article Hypnosis Vs Meditation). That makes these essential oils perfect if needing a little help with getting in the right state for hypnotherapy.

What I love about this particular brand Jade Bloom is that they have lessons and quizzes on essential oils so you can learn more, and they give you actual degrees (Associates, Masters, etc) after you complete a series of courses. I actually have my Doctorate degree in essential oils ya'll!


You can use one oil or make a blend of your own; it only takes a few minutes. You can even make your own powerful inhaler!

Click on any of the oils below to read more about them!

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