Tiffany J.
Nov 5, 2017

Not let onto my Eurostar train


I talked about this before in a live video, but if you ever book a trip on Eurostar, arrive early!!! I thought it would be like greyhound or megabus or anything else that says arrive 30-45 minutes early, but you know it doesn’t actually matter as long as you’re on time. But no, it matters. And while it was still my intention to get there a half hour early, my sister and I had some delays that didn’t allow for that. So we arrived with 10 minutes to spare, and were told that we couldn’t get on because we had missed our boarding time. What?! I knew the train hadn’t left, so I was confused. But then I noticed the TSA-like security line. So yeah, it’s like the airport. My sister and I had to pay an EXTRA 30 POUNDS EACH (~$44) to get onto the next available train from London to Paris! So I learned that lesson the hard way so you don’t have to. Get there early!

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  • Tiffany J.
    Jun 2, 2018

    So recently in Panama with my fam, we learned that liquor must be in a checked bag. That may seem obvious, but I'm talking about 2-3 oz bottles of liquor that can actually be purchased from that very airport. It was in a carry on, so they confiscated them and threw them away! I think it kind of depends on who you have as a TSA agent, because someone else was telling us to just check the bag, but the woman we had was super rude and refused and just proceeded to throw our items away. Oh, including my 10+ year old nail kit that I carry with me EVERYWHERE! It was literally just small nail scissors, 2 files, and tweezers. RIP to them. PLUS after you get through TSA, your stuff has to get scanned again at your gate! Too much trouble at the Panama airport for me.
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