I sometimes use the words guided meditation and hypnosis interchangeably, as they are both meant to induce into a hypnotic trance. In this trance state, you become suggestible, and therefore willing to make changes on a subconscious level to achieve a desired outcome. However, they are a bit different.

You can read more about hypnosis vs. meditation here.

Listen to the Peace Hypnosis for free on the Mellow Vybes Youtube channel! My clinical therapist cousin loves it, and uses it for her clients in group counseling.

Listen with headphones to experience the binaural sounds. 

Check out how I initially got into making hypnosis tapes for myself, and how they honestly helped transform me!


Time: 12:00

Guided relaxation with binaural beats to find and escape into your peaceful place.


Time: 22:02

Set to the backdrop of a real day on an ocean cruise, featuring hypnotherapy technique Future Pacing. (Included in the Purpose Passion Project).


Time: 24:00

Fall asleep with this calming hypnosis, and enjoy the sounds of peaceful music and ASMR triggers. Get your much deserved good night's rest.


Time: 16:16

Encouraging your connection to self love over binaural sounds. Allow yourself to speak the phrases aloud to yourself.


Time: 16:44

Get cozy and experience this enlightening hypnosis. Featuring binaural sounds, a powerful hypnotic induction, and Socratic Questioning. 


All seven of the hypnosis audios are right here! Get them for $33, and receive them all instantly! Nearly 2 hours of hypnotic bliss!


Time: 11:03

Moments of appreciation over binaural sounds with an island vibe. Cultivating gratitude is key to manifestation.


Time: 15:20

What I like to call "Cleanstuition", where we remove unnecessary items and programming from the mind & spirit, with binaural sounds. A great one to begin with!

Also available in The Deep Dive!

Music produced by Tiffany J. Pye.
Hypnoses written, spoken, and recorded by Tiffany J. Pye.
Cover art by Tiffany J. Pye.
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