6x9 Copy of Spirit Excavation for ebook.

Spirit Excavation

My newest collection of poetry with curated photos!

Release date 5/21/21.

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Hypnosis Vs Meditation

Confused about hypnosis?

Is it the same as meditation?

Let's found out!


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Love Cycles (Download)

My 2013 self-published book of poetry about the cycle of romantic relationships (that end). 

73 pages of over 20 poems.

Downloadable after purchasing!

Copy of Monochrome Nature Travel Magazin

The Importance Of Support

Are you lacking support in your life? Are you not giving enough support to others?

Read about how significant it is to development.



High Priestess

(E-Book Download)

E-Book version of High Priestess. Must have an e-book reader like Freda or FullReader.

Downloadable after purchase!


Guide To Freedom

My interview with Ryan Montis on my background in coaching and hypnotherapy, and how I use it to guide people to freedom and self discovery.

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Conquer Fears & Reach Goals!

Read as I share a few of my favorite techniques to get past fear, find peace, and reach goals!


How To Find Your Life Purpose When You Like To Do A Million Things

Unclear on how to figure out what you're supposed to be doing in life? Tried a bunch of stuff already?

Read this article for tips!


Love Cycles

My 2013 self-published book of poetry about the cycle of romantic relationships (that end). 

73 pages of over 20 poems.

Purchase your hard copy, and I'll sign and personalize it if you like!

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Feminine Waters

My podcast with fellow lightworker Chiquita Afuluenu!


Musical Musings

My interview with my best friend Janjay Innis on my musical background and influences!


Support A Sista

My feature with Toni Daley's

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Can Hypnotherapy Eradicate Racism?

How hypnotherapy techniques may be effective in finding the root of your own racist ideologies.

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How Writing Music Helps Foster A Healthy Relationship With Self

Looking for a way to develop yourself further and find a fun, creative way to release your emotions? Found out how!



High Priestess

22 soulpreneurs and I collaborated on a book about self love and self care for Holistic Fashionista!

Find out more about it and purchase your copy!


Messy Magic

My interview with Jill Morris on being multipassionate and organizing my life.


She Made It!

My feature with


Tea & Tree

My interview with Queen Ni on wellness and hypnotherapy.