You'll notice that I use guided meditation and hypnosis interchangeably, as they are both meant to induce into a hypnotic trance where you become suggestible and therefore willing to make changes on a subconscious level to achieve a desired outcome. 


Listen with headphones to experience the binaural sounds. 


Time: 12:00

Guided relaxation with binaural beats to find your peaceful place.



Time: 22:02

Set to the backdrop of a day on an ocean cruise, featuring hypnotherapy technique Future Pacing. (Included in the Purpose Passion Project).



Time: 16:16

Encouraging your self love over binaural sounds. Allow yourself to speak the phrases aloud to yourself.



Time: 11:03

Moments of appreciation over binaural sounds with an island vibe.


Music produced by Tiffany J. Pye.
Hypnoses written, spoken, and recorded by Tiffany J. Pye.
Cover art by Tiffany J. Pye.
©️ 2019 Plane Jayne Publishing