• Tiffany J. Pye

God Does Not Give Us A Spirit Of Fear

I'm happy to say that I've seen a lot of positive shifts lately in people around me. They are walking up and taking leaps in life despite having some hesitations. It's natural to have fear sometimes in this life, but the trick is to not let it make you immobile. Fear doesn't come from God. Period. So when you say you're living a Christian existence, check if you've been letting fear hold you back from doing things, because that is definitely something that God does not want. He tells us to do things whether we are ready or not. He does not always equip us with what we think we need first, He just tells us to do them, and that He'll help us along the way AFTER we step up. Whatever may be calling you in this life, do it. I've had a couple people (family members) ask me what makes me qualified to pursue my ventures, and honestly, I was insulted. I don't need to have specific credentials. The point is that I'm called to help and inspire people, and I've been doing it most of my life without these so-called credentials. And really, if you look at many successful people in fashion, film, writing, coaching, etc, they don't tend to have "credentials" either. God qualifies me. And really, what more do we need other than that?

Step out on faith and push past fear, because that is definitely one thing that God did not give to us.

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