• Tiffany J. Pye

I Am A Success

There are a good amount of people in this world running around thinking that they're failures. For whatever reason, being it societal expectations or making ridiculous comparisons, they think they've failed in life. I choose to measure my success in the little goals I set for myself, and in the things I want to take a stab at and actually do. Whether it ended where you wanted to or not, if you tried something that you were afraid of and you actually saw it through, you are a success! You're a badass who did what many won't even do, and that is to try! If you want to feel like a complete winner every single day, stop giving yourself these crazy lists of tasks that are hard to accomplish. Give yourself one thing each week. Set goals for things that you can easily win so that you can get into the habit and mindset of knowing that you a freaking winner! If all you wanted to do in your business this week was make one sale, and you did it, that's amazing!

We all have to start somewhere. Don't overwhelm yourself with huge expectations. And if all you wanted to do today was lounge around and read a couple chapters of a novel, and you did that, hey, you're a success! If you are making actual movement in your life, no matter how small, be proud! You did that, and you're amazing!

And if nothing else, I am super proud of you, rockstar, because you are designing your own life.

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