• Tiffany J. Pye

Invest In Yourself

Most people have trouble investing in themselves. Putting money into something is no problem when you want to buy a motorcycle or go on vacation or whatever. But when it comes to investing money into something for your actual progress in life, you talk yourself out of it, call it a waste or too risky. Since when is your growth, happiness, and success a waste? I think that's a convenient thing to tell yourself (or that others tell you), but the real reasoning behind it is fear. Putting your coins into tangible things is easy, but putting it into something you can't see is definitely harder and scarier. But you have to invest in yourself despite the fear of failure. One thing is certain, you have only one life, so why not? I saw a great IG post a while back that said something like, "People don't want to spend the four years it will probably take to build a successful business that they are passionate about, but they'll spend forty years at a job they hate, living paycheck to paycheck. That is real talk right there! I don't ever want to be someone stuck in a safety net (that isn't all that safe, to be honest), too afraid to do what I want. Whatever it is, even if you just try once, do it! There's no better person to bet on than yourself.

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