• Tiffany J. Pye

Protect Your Energy

At one point during summer 2017, I spent several days in the presence of at least three psychic vampires. What?!

Maybe you've never heard of a psychic or energy vampire before, but you definitely know them. They are the people who after you've been around them, you feel completely depleted. They feed off of your energy, and are usually judgemental, emotionally immature people who always seem to talk, but never listen. (Ouch! It's true though). I usually avoid being around such individuals, so I don't normally worry about it, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

The number one key to protecting your energy is to be aware of who the psychic vampires are, otherwise you'll be sucked dry, and you won't know the reason. When I learned the term years ago, I thought Wow! That's why I feel so drained after I'm with that person! You can't protect yourself if you don't know who you're protecting yourself from.

The second key, if you can't distance yourself from them, is to maintain positive energy at all times. Just smile and stay positive. If I know I'm going to be around that type of person, I set an intention to remain upbeat. Sometimes I meditate and say in my head (or out loud) I deflect all negativity. I also visualize being surrounded by a bubble of light, that no one can puncture. I won't say all psychic vampires are conspicuously negative, but they are always judgmental (no matter how nice it may seem), and judging is negative, is it not?

Lastly, I'd say to set clear boundaries. I used to let a lot of things slide, and let people just talk and say whatever, but I refuse to do that any longer. (When I turned 30, I wiped my hands of such nonsense). Sometimes people need to be cut off and shut down, and I've learned to do that in a polite, adult way.

I must say I was super proud of myself because I was able to keep my energy right, and even have a good time with these vampires!

Your energy is super important, and it is easier to slip into a low vibration than it is to ascend to a higher one. Therefore, you can't let someone who you know historically makes you feel bad, affect you. Protect your energy!

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